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About Legoland Waterpark

One of the best things about Dubai is that every day it comes up with innovative and interesting ideas to make sure that all the tourists can have utmost fun when they are visiting, no matter their age. With a city of endless attractions for kids, LEGOLAND Dubai brings a water park for the first time that is aimed at kids who are between the age of 2 years to 12 years. Add a little splash and a lot of fun to your Dubai trip and give your kids one of the best trips of their life. Legoland Waterpark in Dubai is an important part of the massive three million square feet LEGOLAND Dubai and there are 20 enthralling rides in the water park specially designed for kids, making all the Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai safe and fun. The LEGOLAND as the name suggests is a theme park based on the toy manufacturer Lego, and in the water park, the kids can find actual giant Lego bricks that they can build and have fun with. One can purchase tickets for this amazing attraction online with us that makes it more convenient for you to visit the place.

Legoland Waterpark Tickets options

Legoland Waterpark Dubai 1 Day Pass

Legoland Waterpark in Dubai is one of the most popular places in Dubai and the tickets can be booked both online and offline. If you book the tickets online, you will be able to get a discount on the ticket price. In the 1-day pass, the discount prices will be applicable only up to 1 day in advance and you will have unlimited access to all the Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai. The kids under the age of 3 years can have free entry into the park but you will be required to provide an ID.

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Legoland Dubai
Theme Park & Water Park Dubai 1 Day Pass

If you are booking a combo 1-day pass ticket of the Legoland theme park and Legoland water park in Dubai, then you will get a discount if you book the tickets online. The discounts on the tickets will be applicable only if you book at least one day before the visit. In this combo pass, you will get unlimited access to all the theme parks and Legoland Waterpark rides in Dubai. Kids under the age of 3 years can have access to the theme park and water park without paying for the tickets only after showing their valid IDs.

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Motiongate Dubai
Motion gate, Bollywood, And Legoland Tickets

If you are ever in Dubai, do not miss the chance of visiting the Dubai Parks and Resorts which is a group of 40 entertainment parks. Three of the most famous parks in Dubai Parks and Resorts are Motiongate, Bollywood, and Legoland. At the Motiongate, you will get to enjoy all the enthralling rides that are based on various themes. At Bollywood Park, you will find 3D and 7D rides which are based on the Hindi Cinema industry. Legoland is sandwiched between the Motiongate and Bollywood Park and is based on the toy manufacturer Lego. It is built in giant Lego bricks and the kids will get their hands on the contractor. You will also have access to all the Legoland rides and Legoland water rides with this ticket.

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Gardaland Park + LEGOLAND® Water Park Tickets

Legoland Waterpark is a part of the Gardaland Park and entry to the waterpark will only be allowed if combo tickets are purchased for both Gardaland and Legoland water park. It is to be noted that any kind of ticket can be upgraded by paying the extra fees at the ticket counter or inside Garda land. Children under the age of 12 years have to be accompanied by an adult and an adult with a 12-year-old will only be allowed inside the water park only if one or kids under the age of 12 years are being accompanied.

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Why Should You Go To Legoland Waterpark?

Legoland Water Park

Dubai is famous for its amusement and theme parks, and for the first time, a water park with the theme of Legos is here. Come here to enjoy more than 20 enthralling rides specially made for families with kids between the age of 2 to 12. Some of the best rides that will get your kids’ adrenaline pumping are Splash Out, Red Rush, Twin Chasers, and several others. Let your toddlers squeal with excitement at the DUPLO Splash Safari with several mini slides, or let your little builders go creative and build their own rafts out of colourful Lego bricks.

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Rides And Attractions Of Legoland Waterpark Dubai

There are some of the Legoland rides and attractions are mention below :

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If you have got yourself a little builder who cannot stay away from Legos, then come to this outdoor building area. Here your little ones can build boats out of colourful Lego bricks with you and then test the boat in the water. Please make a note that bricks are not meant for kids under the age of 3 years.

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legoland Dubai
Build-A-Raft River

This is an activity where the kids and the adults accompanying them can build their own rafts with soft bricks of Lego and customize them according to their ideas and creativity. After building your own colourful Lego raft, jump in the lazy river and float around after all the hard work.

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DUPLO® Splash Safari

It’s splash time! Specially designed for toddlers, the kids will not stop squealing with excitement as they enjoy the four mini slides here with their favourite Lego character, Duplo, as they slide down with waterworks. Kids under the age of 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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Joker Soaker

The best water playground for all age groups including adults where you will find a lot of fun rides. You can just simply wade in the water or help your toddler swim and get completely drenched by a 300-gallon bucket when it pours water on everyone that comes in its way.

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LEGO® Slide Racers

This is one of the most fun rides in the water park where you can slide down the ride with six of your friends at a time with a mat. Race among your group and see who reaches the ground first among the three while getting wet and wild.

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LEGO® Wave Pool.webp
LEGO® Wave Pool

Get a beach vibe at the LEGO wave pool where you can catch a light wave or just simply have fun in the pool. The wave pool is designed for people of every age group and it is safe for kids including toddlers.

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Twin Chasers Legoland Dubai
Red Rush

Specially designed for the whole family, you will be sliding down a 312-foot-long curvy tube with a diameter of an 11-foot half pipe. The entire family will be made to sit in one raft that is big enough for a family and will be pushed down the path with water and splashes.

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Twist ‘N’ Spin Legoland Dubai
Splash ‘N’ Swirl

Get on a tube with a friend, or if you are adventurous enough, alone and slide down the enclosed pipe with swirls. Come out of the pipe and get surprised with the splash you make as you reach the end of the ride, but don’t forget to be careful and not get dizzy.

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Wave Rider Legoland Dubai
Twist ‘N’ Spin

How adventurous are you? Get on a tube with a friend, or if you are very adventurous, on your own, and slide down this double tube. You will be surprised with a splash in the end when you reach the ground after sliding down with endless twists and spins on the tube.

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legoland Dubai
Splash Out

Get into this open ride where you slide down a 60-foot vertical free fall without any tube and reach the end of the ride with a big splash. You will have to go on this ride alone and have the utmost fun as you speed down in the water to get into even more water and make a big splash.

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Know Before You Book Legoland Waterpark Tickets

Highlights & Inclusion
Timing and Best Time to Visit
Things to Keep in Mind
Location and How to Reach


  • Get yourself wet and wild in the first water park in the Middle East based entirely on the toy manufacturer Legos, and enjoy the 20 enthralling Legoland Waterpark rides in Dubai with your kids.
  • Get a chance to build your own colourful rafts, challenge your friends at the Splash Racers, meet your favourite Lego characters at the DUPLO Splash Safari, and get completely drenched by the Joker Soaker.
  • Let your imagination and creativity go wild and enjoy building boats, rafts, building bridges, cities, etc and see if they survive in the currents of the water.


  • Plan your visit to the Legoland Dubai to take One day access to the Legoland Waterpark in Dubai.
  • Unlimited access to all the rides at the Legoland Waterpark in Dubai.
  • Get pick-ups and drop-offs to and from your hotel. (if sharing and transport option selected)
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Buying Legoland Waterpark Dubai Ticket Online

Dubai Legoland is one of the most popular places in Dubai and hence you might have to wait in long lines to book your tickets at the ticket counter, and there is always an added risk of tickets getting sold out. It is always recommended to book the Legoland theme park and Legoland Waterpark in Dubai tickets online to avail of interesting offers and discounts and avoid standing in lines. You can have access to all the Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai and the rides are safe for kids so you can have fun without worrying about any accidents.

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FAQ's Of Legoland Waterpark Tickets

How many slides are in LEGOLAND Water Park?

There are 14 slides out of the 20 enthralling rides in the Legoland water park in Dubai and each slide is unique and exciting.

How much does it cost to go to a Legoland water park in Dubai?

There are various packages available for the Legoland water park in Dubai which start from AED 295, but it should be noted that booking the tickets online will always be cheaper than booking them from the ticket counter

What are things to keep in mind when visiting Legoland waterpark Dubai?

Please take note that Legoland water park remains closed on Wednesdays. Kids under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult of age 18 or more. Proper swimming suits must be worn and clothes with exposed zippers will not be allowed on some of the rides

What are the opening hours of Legoland waterpark Dubai?

The Legoland water park in Dubai opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm, but the last entry will be only 30 minutes before the closing time.

Why is Legoland water park so famous?

Legoland water park is famous because it is the first water park in Dubai that is based on the toy manufacturer Lego and is specially designed for families with kids between the age of 2 to 12 years.

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