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About Legoland Florida

Book Legoland Florida discount tickets to let you and your kids enter a totally different world created and made of LEGO blocks. Delight in seeing their surprised faces when they encounter the amazing lego-themed parks, water sports, TV characters and so on. The Theme Park is divided into three zones - the Legoland FLorida, Water Park and the Peppa Pig THeme Park, all of which have an endless list of attractions and rides. At Miniland USA, come across Lego-built mini-models of important cities and places of the USA like New York CIty, FLorida, Las Vegas and also a collection of models from the universe of Star Trek. Indulge in the Beetle Bounce rides and also the Safari Trek in the Land of ADventures. VIsit the DUplo Valley to take fascinating train and tractor rides and visit its farms. Don't miss out on Aquazone Wave Racers, the most sought after attraction which involves a lot of competition. You can upgrade your Legoland Florida discount tickets to visit the amazing Legoland Water Park and Peppa Pig Theme Park too. When tired, just take some time off the rides and dine at any of the eateries of Legoland. With Legoland Florida discount tickets, at the end of the day make sure to go souvenir and lego shopping at various shops and stalls at the place.

Why buy Legoland Florida Tickets online?

Book your Legoland Florida experience tickets to go have a memorable and hassle-free tour at the theme park. Our services are efficient, credible and trustworthy and you can also avail numerous deals and discounts on the tickets. Seize this opportunity to get discounts as huge as 20% on the entry tickets, coupled with numerous other benefits and perks.

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Advantage of booking Legoland Florida Tickets Online

Legoland Florida

Highlights Remember to book your tickets online in advance with us, so that you don't have to be a part of the long queue at the ticket counter. Seize this opportunity to skip the line and get a preferential entry. Book right from your home easily and conveniently, with detailed and organised information of Legoland packages. Also, you get the added advantage of getting numerous deals and discounts on your entry ticket to the park.

Inclusions Pricing includes - 1 day ticket to Legoland Florida (if opted) 2 days ticket to Legoland Florida (if chosen) 1 day ticket to the Legoland Water Park (if chosen) 2 days ticket to Legoland Water Park (if chosen)

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Legoland Florida Tickets

Legoland Florida
LEGOLAND Florida: Park Only

Seize this chance and buy Legoland Florida discount tickets to spend an exciting day at the LEgoland Florida park. Rejoice and let your inner kid out as you scream about and have fun in the endless rides and activities at this place. WIth Legoland Florida discount tickets, take the Grand Carousel Ride in Funtown, and also visit its 4D cinema. COme across amazingly lego-built models of several important places in the USA - New York, Florida, Washington DC and Las Vegas. Have a fun-filled adventure in the Duplo Valley, with its amazing lego-themed train carriages, tractors and farms.

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LEGOLAND Florida Park + Water Park

Buy Legoland FLorida discount tickets, where awesome awaits for families with children in the age 2 to 12. Let you and your kids take part in the amazing rides at the theme house, and also get to visit the Legoland Florida Water Park. Take part in adventurous rides like COastarous and Safari Trek. Also visit the movie world and immerse yourself in Battle of Bricksburg and Unikitty’s Disco Drop. Also visit the driving school, flying school and boating school in Lego City. At the water park, indulge in activities like the LEgo Wave Pool, Joker Soaker and Duplo Splash Safari.

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Peppa Pig World
LEGOLAND Florida + Peppa Pig Theme Park

With these legoland in florida tickets, get to have an exciting day at the lego-themed resort and indulge in its countless rides, activities, shows and imagination worlds. Visit the Lego multiverse and its attractions like the Land of Adventure, Lego Ninjago World, Duplo Valley and Lego City. With these legoland in florida tickets, also get access to the famed Peppa Pig Theme Park, which has been a massive hit since its establishment. Let you kids take part in the Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster, Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride and visit Geor’s Fort, Grandpa Pogs Greenhouse.

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Things To Do at Legoland FLorida

Enjoy Rides & Attractions

If there’s a place that has the best fantasy-based rides and attractions, it is Legoland Florida. With Legoland in Florida tickets, get to indulge in the countless adventurous rides and activities it offers. From the Grand Carousel in Fun Town to the Beetle Bounce and COastarous in the Land of ADventure, Legoland has it all. Also visit the Legoland’s Water Park in Florida and the Peppa Pig Theme Park, which host a lot of adventurous rides and activities.

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Check Out Our Live Shows

WIth tickets to Legoland Florida, witness its countless live shows and performances. Witness the Brickbeard’s Watersport Stunt Show, where experienced people come and do amazing and unbelievable water stunts including barefoot-skiing, wakeboarding and numerous jump acts. Immerse yourself in some really interesting and jaw-dropping 4D movies at its indoor theatre. In Journey to Mythica, slip into a never-seen-before world with strange characters and places.

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Meet & Greets throughout the park

Watch your kids’ reactions when they come across their favourite Lego characters in the park. With tickets to Legoland Florida, you can get to meet famous Ninjago characters like Kai and Nya. There is also a Minifigure Trading Area, where you can trade your lego toys and creations for the ones you were yearning for.

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Legoland Tickets
Attend Seasonal Events

Legoland Florida hosts a number of seasonal events that are sought after by many people. Visit the Halloween themed- Lego Monster Party and let your kids take part in amazing shows and activities based on the theme. Also take part in monster parties, Operation Monster squad and the Candy Curse. Make sure to let your kids take part in the kids’s New Year Eve at Legoland Florida, with more fun and exciting events and rides.

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Water Park Miami
Have Fun at Water Park

WIth tickets to legoland FLorida, get an entry to the spectacular water park in the resort. WIth dozens of thrilling g and action-packed rides and activities, it is a hit among kids of all ages. Take a splash in the Joker Soaker which has an amazing pool, climbing areas, rides and water sprouts. ENjoy some waves and cool off in the Lego Wave Pool and also take part in the Build-a-Boat Challenge. Take your friends and slide down the heart-stopping Twin Chasers water slide.

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Have your Perfect Dining

Legoland has some amazing food and dining options to satisfy your hunger! Grab some fries and burgers at the Burger Kitchen, a pizza and pasta buffet at Fun Town and delight in the Funnel Factory cakes. Have ice-creams and desserts at points like Firehouse Ice Cream, Dragon’s Den and Heartlake Ice Cream Parlour. With cheap Legoland tickets Florida, also visit the Ninja Kitchen Food Truck and Taco Everyday.

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Shopping at Legoland Florida

There's an ample amount of shopping spaces and destinations in Legoland, Florida. Go lego -themed souvenir shopping at the Big Shop, the most famous shopping stop in the park. Visit the Heartlake Mall to find some amazing jewellery, building set and more. In case you are looking for some specific lego bricks, you could visit the Lego Factory Experience shopping area with Legoland Florida discount tickets.

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Know Before You Book Legoland Florida Tickets

Location & Timing
How to Reach

  • Location One LEGOLAND Way, Winter Haven, FL 33884

  • Timings Normal Park operating hours are from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm but at times it may vary depending on the time and day of year.

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FAQ's of Legoland Florida

Why is Legoland Florida so famous?

Legoland Florida Is one of the world’s most fascinating fantasy-based parks, also housing an adventurous park, a water park and a Peppa Pig-themed sub-area. It is a hit among kids all around the world for its adventurous and fantasy-filled rides and attractions. It is famous for its attractions in Fun Town, Miniland USA, Land of Adventure and Leo Ninjago World. THe Peppa Pig Theme Park is also a favourite among kids, with amazing rides and activities based on the character in the show.

How can I book Legoland Florida discount tickets?

Purchase discount tickets to Legoland FLorida with us from our website, to save on precious time and ticket expenses. Skip the line and get a preferential entry, and head straight inside the park to begin your adventure.

How much do Legoland Florida combo tickets cost?

The price of combo tickets depends upon the time and number of people visiting.

How to reach Legoland Florida?

By Air : You can take a flight and arrive at Orlando International Airport, from where you can reach the spot by car or public transport. By Car : Legoland Theme Park is just 45 minutes from the Orlando theme parks or downtown area of Tampa. By Bus: A number of bus lines pass by the park.

What is the Legoland Florida Ticket price?

Legoland California ticket prices may vary from time to time, and may depend on the type of package you opt for. Currently, one-day Legoland Florida tickets for an adult costs around $85. A multi-park combo visit (Peppa Pig Park, Water Park and Legoland Florida) will cost around $163.

What are the different types of Legoland Florida tickets available?

Legoland California tickets are available in a number of types like 1-Day Theme Park-Only tickets, 1 Day Multipark tickets, 1 Day Legoland Tickets, 2-day tickets or 3-day tickets.You can also apply for annual passes for entry into the park (including water park and Peppa Pig park) throughout the year.

How many rides are there in Legoland Florida?

Legoland Florida boasts more than 55 rides and attractions across its resort. THese include fun rides like Grand Carousel, Mia’s Riding Adventure, Dragon ride and so on. You could also hop Duplo train rides and tractor rides.

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