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About Legoland Discovery Center Berlin

Legoland Discovery Center Berlin tickets let you and your kid enter the colorful world of bricks to take the imagination of your little ones in block-building activities. Legoland, one of the most well-liked kid-friendly destinations in Germany, provides a variety of play areas and intellectually stimulating activities for your child. The Legoland Discovery Center Berlin has 14 zones like Ninjago city, Dino explorer, Dragon ride, 4D Cinema, Miniland, Merlin's apprentice, Racers, Duplo Village, etc.

The main highlight includes Miniland city where you can watch Berlin's 50 m miniature version. In addition to its play areas, Legoland offers creative workshops by the Masters to teach your kids the skills needed to construct buildings with Lego bricks. Post having fun in themed zones with colorful bricks, you can think of eating some tasty snacks at the Lego Berlin cafe. You might consider purchasing a LEGO-specific gift for your child after spending the day at Legoland with your family.

Why Should You Book Legoland Berlin Tickets From Us?

Booking Legoland Berlin tickets online is a great idea to fix your spot in the cute recreational hub. Within a few clicks either from the comfort of your home or even on your busiest day, you can ensure your visit to Legoland Berlin. Owing to Legoland's popularity and the localities crowding it, you must book tickets online in advance. Because if you plan to buy the tickets from the venue, you might have to wait for long hours in queues. Not only booking from us saves you from long queues but offers you a variety of deals. You can choose the ticket variant from the website to avail a discount that makes your trip cost-effective.

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Multiple Tickets Variations for Legoland Berlin

Legoland Discovery Center  Tickets
Combo Ticket Legoland Discovery Center and Sea Life

Combo Ticket LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE: The combo for Legoland Discovery Center Berlin tickets and SEA Life offers a super saver deal. Enter Legoland Berlin Discovery Center first to start your kid’s day with fun. Let your kid get creative with the colorful blocks to build their own imagination. Access the MINILAND zone of Legoland to witness the toy-version of Berlin’s iconic landmarks. Indulge in the immersive experience at Cinema 4D to encourage your kid with a thrill. Post fun at Legoland, and move to SEA LIFE Berlin to catch the beautiful sight of aqua creatures. Meet and greet 2000 wonderful animals living in 37 pools and watch the feeding shows.

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Legoland Discovery Center
Berlin: Hop-on Hop-off Bus & Legoland Discovery Center

Choose the combo Legoland Berlin tickets and the classical Hop-on and Hop-off bus tour to explore Berlin and visit the Legoland Discovery center amidst the journey. Embark on an audio-guide bus tour to visit 24 stops of iconic Berlin attractions. Hop off the bus and explore Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin Zoo, Reichstag, etc. Enter Legoland Berlin with your kid and start exploring its fun zones like MINICITY, NINJAGO, Cinema 4D, and many more. Let your kid indulge in colorful block-building activities to enhance their skills with 5 million LEGO Bricks. Attend the mini workshops with your kid to learn the art of construction and choose to test and create.

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Madame Tussauds
Legoland Discovery Center + Madame Tussauds Berlin

Get the super saver combo for Legoland Discovery center Berlin tickets and Madame Tussauds Berlin to enjoy your Germany tour. Allow your child to engage in vibrant block-building games to develop their skills using 5 million LEGO Bricks. Visit the MINILAND section of Legoland to see miniature replicas of famous Berlin landmarks and Cinema 4D to enjoy the immersive experience. Post fun at Legoland, move to Madame Tussauds Berlin and meet your waxed versions of your favorite celebrities. Explore the interactive zones of Fashion, Football Stadiums, Music Zone, and Film Classics. Click pictures with the icons from the Golden 1920s Charlie Chaplin, Liza Minelli, Jesse Owens, Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich, etc.

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Things to Do in Legoland Berlin

Ninjago Training Camp
Ninjago City

With Legoland Berlin Tickets gain access to the 3 stories of the play area of the NINJAGO. Themed especially for turning your children into Ninjas, the training camp teaches them to be Spinjitzu Masters. The imaginative and interactive play area moves through the training camp as they enter the three-tiered temple.

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Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo Tickets
Dino Explorer

Enter the cutest Dino Explorer area to witness your kids become real dinosaur explorers by playing with the millions of LEGO bricks and watching their imagination come to life. There is an excavation site for your kids to find Dino eggs and click awesome pictures with the greenest T-Rex.

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Legoland Discovery Center  Tickets
Factory Tour

Watch the live creation process of LEGO bricks in the factory tour with Legoland Discovery Center Berlin tickets. Witness the hard workers of Legoland Berlin turn raw plastic into vibrant Lego bricks. Participate in the making process and help the workers to extract the Lego bricks with a chance of taking a souvenir home.

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Dragon’s Apprentice Legoland Dubai
Dragon Ride

There is a dragon that awaits your kids in the Legoland Discovery Center to give them a tour. Once your child arrives inside the beautiful castle and sits on the friendly dragon as it lets them explore the animated models of LEGO. The dark maze of curves encompassing the kitchen, royal banquet, and whatnot!

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Legoland Dubai
4D Cinema

Legoland Berlin tickets let you Indulge in the immersive experience in Legoland Berlin with your kids in the Cinema 4D zone. The 4D experience showcases the LEGO characters coming to life virtually. Watch the 4D movie with your headsets on and feel the rain, wind, lightning, snow, storm, and many more effects.

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Berlin in its mini-version of about 50 meters through the Miniland zone of Legoland! Made up of 2 million blocks, the cute interactive city houses iconic Berlin landmarks in their toy version. Catch the beautiful sight of Reichstag, Berlin Dom, Brandenburger Tor, Stadtschloss, etc with the vibrant lights illuminating the entire mini-Berlin.

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Merlin's Apprentice Ride
Merlin’s Apprentice

With Legoland Discovery center Berlin tickets, accompany your kid and enjoy the thrilling ride of Merlin’s Apprentice. The ride is a simulated challenge where the speed of your paddle determines the height of your fly. Testing fitness levels of you and your kids, watch Merlin’s Apprentice blow the wind as you explore the Magic Library of Legoland.

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Let your kid build the smartest Lego car in the car racing area. Featuring an area of 100m^2, the professionals guide your little ones to build a Lego version of a real-life car. If your kids are the ultimate car racing fans, they can test their creations on the track that measures speed for them to compete for their versions with fellow little enthusiasts.

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Lego Duplo Farm
Duplo Village

DUPLO Village Zone is accessible under Legoland Berlin ticket price by children aged 2-5 years. Usually, toddlers aged 2 sit with their parents and let their curiosity run along their imagination in the Lego bricks. Specially designed to cater to the needs of smaller children, kids can create buildings, animals, and many more cute things.

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Legoland Berlin Tickets
Model Builders Workshop

The 30-45 LEGO Model Builders Workshop teaches your kid the techniques of building accurate structures with colorful blocks. The workshop is conducted by the Master to enhance the design skill of your kids. The hands-on experience makes your kids build animals, buildings, furniture, and many things with vibrant blocks.

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Know Before You Book Legoland Tickets

Essential Information
Café and Shopping

  1. Getting there:
  • By Train: Board trains from either U2, S1, S2, S25, RE3, RE4, or RE 5 to reach Potsdamer Platz. From there, you can walk for 5 minutes to reach Legoland Berlin.

  • By Bus: Board bus lines M48, M85, M200 or M347 to reach Varian-Fry-Straße. From there, you can walk for 4 minutes to reach Legoland Berlin at a distance of 400 meters.

  1. Opening Hours: Legoland Berlin is open every day from 10:00 . AM to 07:00 PM.

  2. Activity Duration: 2-3 hours.

  3. Location: Potsdamer Str. 4, 10785 Berlin, Germany.

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FAQ's of Legoland Discovery Center Berlin

What is the best time to go to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Berlin?

If you plan to purchase Legoland Berlin tickets, you should consider mornings to be the best time to visit Legoland Berlin. The opening hours are around 10:00 AM and the weekdays are an ideal time to visit. This is because localities arrive during the weekends when the schools are shut to make weekdays the best time to avoid crowds and enjoy activities.

How much do Legoland Berlin combo tickets cost?

Legoland Berlin ticket price for combos with SEA Life, and Madame Tussauds starts from 32€ and reaches up to 66€.

How much time do we need at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Berlin?

You need approximately 3 hours to enjoy and explore Legoland Berlin.

What is the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Berlin known for?

Legoland Discovery Center Berlin is known for various block-building activities in 14 themed zones. Accessible with Berlin Legoland tickets, this place is popular because it houses interactive zones like Ninjago city, Dino explorer, Dragon ride, 4D Cinema, Miniland, Merlin's apprentice, etc, and holds many educational block-building workshops.

What is the difference between Legoland and Legoland Discovery Center?

Legoland or Legoland Resorts are much bigger compared to Legoland Discovery Center. Usually, the Legoland Resorts consist of amusement parks with top-notch rides, water parks, aquariums, and many more places to chill. But the Legoland Discovery Center is an area dedicated to block-building activities for kids.

How much does a Legoland Berlin ticket cost?

Legoland Berlin prices for tickets start from 28.24€.

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