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Legoland Dubai Tickets

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About Legoland Dubai Tickets

Legoland Dubai is a theme park located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was the seventh Legoland Park in the world and became the first of its kind in the Middle East. You'll never run out of things to do at LEGOLAND® Dubai as there are more than 40 LEGO® themed attractions and rides, including shows, building experiences, and more, and it is a great outing for families with children between the ages of 2 and 12. LEGO City, Adventure, Kingdoms, Miniland and Factory are all included in the six zones of the Legoland theme park to be explored. At Lego City after obtaining a driver's licence, children can enjoy driving a car, flying a plane, or sailing a ship. Others can take a ride on a rollercoaster, build a car out of Legos, or play with LEGO Mindstorms Robotics! Tourists get to see a variety of attractions such as the Wave Racers, Submarine Adventure, Adventure Base Camp, Kingdom Adventure, and the Discovery Center Aquarium, amongst others. While adults gawk at UAE's most famous landmarks recreated using more than 20 million Legos in Miniland, a miniature version of the United Arab Emirates; kids stay busy with challenges thrown at them by Merlin's Challenges and Dragon's Apprentice. One can also meet their favourite characters or simply attend "The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure" to watch a 4D movie or take a terrifying ride on the Dragon roller coaster.

Legoland Dubai Tickets Options

legoland Dubai
Legoland Dubai Tickets - 1 Day Pass

In Dubai's interactive amusement district, you and your friends and family can experience a wide range of rides and attractions with one day pass. You may not enjoy an access to the water park with this pass but if you book in advance that too a day prior then you can have unlimited fun with the rides, attractions and shows. However, infants under the age of 3 will be eligible for free admission, there will be an additional charge for children between the ages of 4-12, and children over the age of 12 will be treated as adults and will be charged at the adult rate.

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legoland Dubai
Legoland Waterpark Dubai Tickets | 1 Day Pass

More than 20 thrilling rides and slides are available at the Legoland Water Park, which is open to families with children aged two to 12 years old. With this Legoland Waterpark Dubai 1 Day Pass, lets you enjoy rides such as Splash out, Slide Racers and Red Rush. You get to make the most of DUPLO Splash Safari with mini slides for the little ones. For a unique way to enjoy the water, you can build your own raft or boat with LEGO bricks.

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Legoland Theme Park & Water Park Dubai Tickets | 1 Day Pass

Book this one-day admission to two theme parks of your choosing (you can select from Legoland, Motiongate, Legoland Water Park or Bollywood) with 1-day Legoland Dubai tickets. Experience all of the park's rides, attractions, and zones with this one-day pass while kinds below 3 enjoy a free entry.

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Zones to Experience in Legoland Dubai Tickets

The Six distinct zones that make up Legoland Dubai are: LEGO City, Adventure, Factory, Imagination, Kingdoms, and MINILAND, and with the Legoland Dubai tickets you can explore each of them. You can see how LEGO® bricks are made at the Factory; race and build Lego Cars at Imagination; hop around the coolest city of LEGO steering a boat or saving a burning building; power ski while dodging blasts of water at Adventure and build a city at Miniland.

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legoland Dubai
Lego City

Welcome to the coolest LEGO city around where you can fly a plane, steer a boat, save a burning building or even earn your very own LEGOLAND® Driving License. When you avail your Legoland Dubai tickets, dont forget to visit lego city zone.

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LEGOLAND Dubai Character

This is a place for all LEGO® fans to enjoy themselves in. Here, you can build and race LEGO® cars, or build with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robotics. LEGO® Technic Twister is all about the centrifugal forces versus you that will keep you spinning. You can also scale the Kid Power Towers, where you'll get a stunning view of the park before plunging down in a gentle free fall.

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legoland Dubai

By getting your legoland Dubai tickets, Go through King's castle on the thrilling Dragon coaster and save the day! Children as young as seven and eight years old, can also join in on the fun by riding the Dragon's Apprentice. Those willing to take on the challenge will enjoy a quick lap of Merlin's Challenge.

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legoland Dubai

This land is perfect for young explorers looking for excitement and danger. Take the whole family on an underwater submarine adventure; power ski on Wave Racers while dodging water blasts; and explore ancient temple ruins in search of a pharaoh's stolen treasure.

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legoland Dubai

By purchasing your legoland Dubai tickets online, you can visit this amazing MINILAND, the beating heart of LEGOLAND® Dubai Park, is a must-see for the whole family. A staggering 20 million LEGO® bricks make up this interactive exhibit, which features Dubai's iconic skyline and other Middle Eastern landmarks that guests can bring to life with the push of a button. Build a City is a fun feature that allows guests to create an ever-changing city skyline on a ten-metre play table filled with white LEGO® bricks.

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legoland Dubai

The fun begins at the factory! Visit the LEGO® Factory and The BIG Shop, the Middle East's largest LEGO® retailer, to learn how LEGO® bricks are made.

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Famous Rides Included in Legoland Dubai Tickets

Legoland Dubai is a 3-million-square-foot facility home to around six amazing zones with lots of educational fun. Each of the six zones at the park has a different theme, so you can spend some quality time with your family there. Over 40 rides and attractions await visitors at this enormous amusement park. Rides and attractions based on LEGO city's toy bricks are prevalent throughout the park. Police Headquarters, LEGO Studios 4D, Build & Test, Dragon’s Apprentice and the Rescue Academy are just a few of the many other fun places you can go with your child.

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Twin Chasers Legoland Dubai
Twin Chasers

On these two-person slides, you and a partner race to see who can get to the bottom first in the wading area below. Included in the Legoland waterpark Dubai ticket price, these "splash-tacular" thrills feature two side-by-by-side red tubes that take you down 130 feet before letting you relax in a wading area.

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Wave Rider Legoland Dubai
Wave Rider

Having paid the Legoland waterpark Dubai ticket price it's time to fly! A 240-foot plunge into the water awaits you at the bottom of this open-air body slide.

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legoland Dubai
Beetle Bounce

Bounce, as we all know, is a lot of fun, but what if you were told that the Legoland Dubai ticket price is inclusive of your chance to jump. With Beetle bounce you set a target 15 feet in the air, then launch yourself toward LEGO® scarab beetles, and continue that time after time.

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Imagination LEGOLAND
LEGO Technic Twister

The Legoland Dubai ticket price includes a ride on Lego Technic Twister where the faster the wheel spins faster the more you spin it. You get dizzy as the speed increases. The dizzier you become, the more enjoyable it gets. In order to spin the cup, the rider must use their upper body strength, but this can be done by anyone in the ride unit.

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Kids Power Tower
Kids Power Tower

The Kid Power Towers drop ride is a great way to get a bird's-eye view of LEGOLAND Dubai from the top of the skyscraper! Thus, make sure you buy the Legoland Dubai tickets just to enjoy this fun “free fall”.

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Twist ‘N’ Spin Legoland Dubai
Twist ‘N’ Spin

With Legoland Dubai tickets in your hand, whether you're sliding by yourself or with a companion, this double tube is sure to keep you entertained for a long time to come.

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Know Before You Book Legoland Dubai Tickets

Essential Info
What to Wear at Legoland Dubai

  • The Legoland Dubai tickets offers you a chance to enjoy a slew of mind-blowing rides available at the theme park like Dragon's Apprentice,Kid Power Towers, and The Dragon.

  • Take a factory tour to see how LEGO bricks are produced, and the Legoland Dubai ticket price is inclusive of this tour.

  • Enjoy an impressive light show at Miniland Light Show.

  • Legoland waterpark Dubai ticket price is inclusive of the Water rides like Twist N' Spin, Twin Chasers, Wave Riders, and many others that are a great way to cool down in the sweltering heat.

  • Legoland Dubai tickets offer you a chance to learn to pilot a LEGO boat or a DUPLO plane under the guidance of an instructor, at the Boating School.

  • Plan your visit to the Legoland Dubai experience Driving School where children can gain real-world driving lessons while earning a LEGOLAND Driving License.

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Tips For Visiting Legoland Dubai

  • When it's hot outside, try to arrive at the park after dark. When the sun goes down, the park transforms into a magical place that you can only experience at night.

  • The only exception is baby food brought from home. As a result, be prepared by bringing the appropriate gear.

  • Babysitting services are available in the Imagination Land section of LEGOLAND's theme park. Having a kitchenette and play area for babies, the baby care facility is ideal for mothers to nurse their children while the older kids take a ride at the Legoland park.

  • Parking at Dubai Parks and Resorts is AED 20 per day flat rate for cars.

  • To reach the park's entrance, walk just a few steps from where you parked your car. High heels and other unwieldy footwear should be avoided, as there will be a lot of walking involved!

  • Each water ride has a shoe storage area where you can leave your footwear. Do not remove your footwear unless you're about to enter an amusement park water ride.

  • This is a great way to save money while still getting to see both LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park.

FAQ's Of Legoland in Dubai

What is the Legoland dubai ticket price?

Legoland Dubai tickets price starts at AED 260. It all depends on the ticket option you choose.

Why is Legoland Dubai so famous?

Legoland Dubai is so famous because it is a one-stop shop for all of your family's fun. From the age of 2 to 30 years old, there's something for everyone in this well-thought-out facility. There are more than 60 interactive rides and 15,000 Lego models here that entice both the young-at-heart and the young. The exhibits are all interactive, and you can even design your own skyline using a special play table.

What are the different types of Legoland Dubai tickets available?

There are variety of Legoland Dubai offers from which you can choose from like Legoland waterpark tickets, legoland theme park tickets, two park one day pass, etc are there. You can choose any according to your convience.

Are there any restaurants inside Legoland Dubai?

Yes, there are many restaurants inside Legoland Dubai like Granny’s Apple Fries, Market Restaurant, The Café, and the Caesar’s Pizza and Pasta Buffet. You can enjoy a relaxing and delicious meal here apart from the 60 different rides. If you're craving chicken, head to The Fried Chicken Co. or Caesar's Pizza & Pasta Buffet for some tasty fried chicken.

What are the best attractions at Legoland Dubai?

  • The Waterpark: Visit the LEGOLAND Waterpark with Legoland Dubai tickets for a wet and wild time at an outdoor water playground. It is possible to build your own boat, experience a downpour at the Joker Soaker or speed down the 60ft fall at Splash Out. Alternatively, you can customize your own raft. For a more laid-back experience, head to the Wave Pool.

  • Lost Kingdom: The Lost Kingdom at Legoland Dubai offers a lot to the little explorers. Using high-tech lasers and a family carriage, set out on an exciting journey to gain back a pharaoh's stolen treasure. Children earn points by shooting targets and battling jackals, cobras, and Lego mummies with grit and determination.

  • Dragon Coaster: The Legoland Dubai tickets offer you a chance to have fun at the dragon roller coaster in the medieval-themed kingdom that takes you on an exhilarating ride. With a top speed of 60 km/h and a maximum height of 6 metres, the ride takes riders on an exhilarating journey through the King's Castle's indoor and outdoor areas.

Can I buy Legoland Dubai tickets online?

Yes, it is recommended to buy your Legoland Dubai tickets online in advance so that you wont have to stand in long queues at the venue.

How many rides are there in Legoland Dubai?

Legoland Dubai offers an impressive collection of more than 40 rides, shows, and attractions but the Water Park inside it Dubai adds an additional 20 slides and water features, which indicates that there are over 60 rides.

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